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We are offering an AUTOGRAPH SERVICE (Pre-Order und Send-In) for all our own Events plus Partner Conventions!

You would like to get your Pictures, Posters, Funkos, Action Figures, DVDs and Cult Stuff signed by one of our Guests or you just want a signed photo which is provided by us (size 20x30 or 20x25), but you are not able to attend the event? No problem. We do offer a service to take care of your stuff being signed by your star in person at the events.

You would like to use this service? Just send over an eMail with your order to


More info on how this Service works  HERe


Subject to change.



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Collectormania 2-3 June 2018
German Comic Con Frankfurt - 5-6 May 2018
Comic Con Amsterdam - 1-2 Sept 2018
German Comic Con München - 15-16 September 2018
German Comic Con Berlin - 20-21 October 2018
Weekend of Hell - 3-4 November 2018
German Comic Con Dortmund - 1-2 Dezember 2018




From now on we are offering a SEND IN & PRE-ORDER SERVICE for all our own Events plus Partner Conventions!


You would like to get your Pictures, Posters, Funkos, Action Figures and Cult Stuff signed by one of our Guests or you just want a signed photo which is provided by us (size 20x30cm or 20x25cm), but you are not able to attend the event?

No problem. Our service offers you the chance to pre order autographs and to send in your stuff in advance, so they can be signed at the event.

Of course it is also possible to order an autograph on a photo that is provided by us, you don't need to send in anything if you don't want to. We have a wide range of pictures of each actor at each event. We are not able to show you the motives and pictures in advance, but you can let  us know which style you would like to order, e.g. Greg Grunberg on a Photo  from Star Wars, from Heroes or Star Trek.

The autographs will have a price premium of 10-15€ depending on wether the star guest is a special guest or if there is a press of people.

You can request special quotes or dedications and we will do our best to get the perfect result for you. Please refrain from terribly long texts, remember we're not the only ones in line to get your autograph. 

Should a guest refuse to write any dedications in general, it might happen that you may not get a dedication, but this is seldom the case. Things like health of the guest, the rush of visitors or simply fancy and mood play into this and even we are not able to influence this.

We will take as many pictures as possible while getting your autograph (called proofs), which we will later on publish on our Facebook page in a separate folder for free disposal. The page is public - even foe anyone not registered on Facebook.

You can find our Facebook page (where you can also find autographs signed by previous guests for sale, special contests, announce cancellations, etc.) HERE.

We always try to use the perfect pen for your picture, so e.g. a bright picture - dark pen or dark picture - bright pen. But we cannot respect individual color wishes. We can try, but not promise! Give this info in your order please.

If you would prefer the signature in a specific position on the picture it is best to mark it with a post-it.

If you send in Funkos, please send the cover, without the figurine, folded via a flat letter - this will be much cheaper and will prevent damage in transit.

In case of a cancellation we will refund your money, for this case please send us an e-mail with your invoice number as subject line and your bank account information.



Shipping within Germany (pictures & packages) and worldwide (pictures) is 10,00 € fixed (no matter how many). We will send them back insured and in cardboard envelopes with kink protection. This fee covers everything (effort, petrol, postage,  and packaging). The insurance only covers the autographs which we purchase on the event, if you send in your own objects, we cannot insure the actual value of the object. 

It has not happened before and we have had over 2.000 deliveries in the last two years, nevertheless be advised that we can only refund our pre-order price if a delivery is lost during shipping.

Shipping for bigger items like posters, bigger pictures, figurines or merch will be charged individual on request. 
Costs for shipping into other Countries separate on request.

 You would like to make use of this service? All you have to do is to send an e-mail to


If you want to send in your own items please send us an e-mail beforehand containing:
  • your address
  • star guest & which convention (possible quotation or dedication)
  • what exactly would you like to send in?
  • quantity of autographs
If you want a signature on a picture provided by us please send us an e-mail beforehand containing:
  • your address
  • star guest & which convention (possible quotation or dedication)
  • which movie/tv show should the picture be from?
  • quantity of autographs

Following this, we will send you a confirmation e-mail.

Please consider - orders are binding and not returnable. We only have limited contingents we can fulfill.

Please send your items only via insured delivery, for your own safety. Comprehensibly we cannot provide guarantee for uninsured deliveries. The closing date for items that have to be send in is the Sunday prior to the event.

The return delivery will take place within 14 days after the event via registered mail.

The events, star guests and prices can be found on this page.

Please be aware that you need to consider the deadline and closing date.




Weekend of Hell, 3rd - 4th NOVEMBER 2018, Westfalenhallen Dortmund.
Here you go with an overview on the list of all guests, prices. Changes reserved.
Deadline for Send-In Stuff follows. Deadline for Autograph Orders on pictures provided by us follows.
More info on the Event HERE.


Steven Seagal - Autograph: Folgt 

Robert Englund - Autograph: Folgt 

Tyler Mane - Autograph: Folgt 

David Arquette - Autograph: Folgt 

Peter Weller - Autograph: Folgt 

Clare Higgins - Autograph: Folgt 

R.A. Mihailo - Autograph: Folgt 







The London Film & Comic Con takes place on 27. - 29. Juli 2018.
This is a preview of the attending guests and their prices. Changes may occur.

Amber Rose Revah - 35€ 

Angela Staines - 35€ 

Barbara Coles - 25€ 

Bob Spiker - 35€ 

Bonnie Langford - 25€ 

Caroline Munro - 25€ 

Catherine Bach - 35€ 

Cerina Vincent - 25€ 

Christine Adams - 25€ 

Christopher Eccleston - 150€ 

Colin Baker - 25€ 

Costas Mandylor - 25€ 

Daniel Gillies - 50€ 

Daniel Naprous - 35€ 

Dave Barclay - 25€ 

Dave Bradley - 50€ 

Edward James Olmos - 50€ 

Ellie Kendrick - 25€ 

Emily Carey - 25€ 

Eugene Brave Rock - 25€ 

Grace Park - 55€ 

Guy Siner - 25€ 

Harley Durst - 40€ 

Helen Atkinson Wood - 25€ 

Ingrid Oliver - 25€ 

Isaac Hempstead Wright - 50€ 

Ivy Wong - 25€ 

Iwan Rhein - 85€ 

Jack O'Hallorhan - 30€ 

James Caan - 70€ 

James Calais - 30€ 

Jamie Bamber - 30€ 

Jason Momoa - 115€ 

Jeremy Bulloch - 35€ 

Jewel Staite - 25€ 

Jimmy Vee - 35€ 

John Alexander - 25€ 

John Schneider - 35€ 

Julian Glover - 30€ 

Katee Sackhoff - 50€ 

Katie Leung - 30€ 

Kevin Thompson - 25€ 

Kim Falkenberg - 30€ 

Kim Hatman - 25€ 

Lance Guest - 25€ 

Lance Henriksen - 35€ 

Lucy Davis - 30€ 

Mary McDonnell - 50€ 

Matt Zimmerman - 25€ 

Matthew Modine - 40€ 

Meat Loaf - 60€ 

Megan Fox - 125€ 

Michael Culver - 25€ 

Mike Quinn - 35€ 

Nick Castle - 40€ 

Noel Clarke - 30€ 

Ole Kristian Uglum - 25€ 

Paul Kaye - 30€ 

Paul McGann - 30€ 

Paul Taylor - 30€ 

Paul Wesley - 85€ 

Pearl Mackie - 40€ 

Penny McCarthy - 35€ 

Peter Capaldi - 100€ 

Peter Marcon - 30€ 

Peter Mayhew - 70€ 

Peter Weller - 60€ 

Ray Fisher - 60€ 

Ray Park - 35€ 

Richard Gibson - 25€ 

Richard Glover - 25€ 

Rodney Tosh - 25€ 

Rory McCann - 70€ 

Rose McIver - 60€ 

Sabrine Gennarino - 30€ 

Said Taghmaoui - 30€ 

Sarah Douglas - 25€ 

Shane Rimmer - 25€ 

Shauna MacDonald - 25€ 

Satz Nair - 25€ 

Sylvester McCoy - 30€ 

Temirlan Blaff - 25€ 

Thomas Francis Murphy - 30€ 

Tim McInnerny - 30€ 

Toby Stephens - 40€ 

Tom Aitkins - 30€ 

Tom Vaughan Lawlor - 40€ 

Tom Welling - 60€ 

Tom Wopat - 35€ 

Tony Robinson - 35€ 

Vladimir Furdik - 25€ 

William Hope - 25€ 

Adrienne Barbeau - 25€ 

Amy Dumas - 25€  

Billy Gunn - 25€ 

Gail Kim - 25€  

Jeff Jarrett - 35€ 

Jim Ross - 50€ 

Mark Henry - 50€ 

Miranda Richardson - 45€ 

SoCal Val - 25€ 

Tatanka - 25€ 

Rahul Kohli - 50€ 

Paige Turco - 50€ 

Nathalie Emmanuel - 75€ 

Aly Michalka - 50€ 

Johnny Whitworth 

David Duchovny - 125€ 

Ted Raimi - 25€ 

Val Kilmer - 90€ 

Syd Wragg - 25€ 

Steven Seagal - 125€ 

Simon Williamson - 25€ 

Sean Young - 40€ 



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